Spiced honey; have you tried it?

I’ve been looking at some spiced honey online that sounded interesting. Ended up with a jar of cayenne/garlic and a jar of/vanilla nutmeg. Thinking of using the spicy one as a glaze for chicken wings. The vanilla/nutmeg version mixed with butter to spread on scones. Wondering if anyone has experience with these products or have ideas on how to use?

This seems to me the type of thing one buys on impulse, later realizing that it’s easy enough - and cheaper - to mix it up yourself from contents already in your pantry.


Lol, yeah I was going to say I’ve infused a few things into honey and then used it like I use honey … I’m not a fan of sweet in my savory but I agree the spicy one could go in a wings direction, or on cornbread with bbq, or drizzled over fried chicken -apparently honey on fried chicken is popular? (Where is the green pukey face emoticon?)

Definitely an impulse buy but that’s me!

I like to call it a “splurchase” . :wink:

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Ha ha, I definitely have to remember splurchase! It’s something I always do. Well the honey comes tomorrow. Hope it tastes good!