Spice and Baking shops, Cambridge MA


I love the Merula, haven’t had in a few years. I also just love the can as a work of art…


yes, the only thing I dislike about the cheese counter is that there are always so many people waiting for cheese you can’t peruse the wonderful collection of grains, oils, spices, mustards, conserves that faces that cheese counter. The cheese is expensive but very well care for…every day they cut off the non-optimal parts…and there are cheese you can’t find anywhere else, and they offer tastes and really know their cheeses. I started going as soon as they open on Saturday or Sunday, when you can come as close as possible to having the place to yourself.

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Yes, so glad to find the spice enthusiasts in our midst. Much to explore.

That collection of goods that faces the cheese counter at Formaggio is where I found the balsamic and the Merula. After wriggling my way past a horde of cheese buyers, that is!


Thanks Madrid for the heads up about these two places. I’ve been looking for heirloom wheat flours, so I’m eager to check out Elmendorf.


there is also a new place called One Mighty Mill in Lynn…I haven’t been yet.


The urfa pepper I have from Curio is my very favorite pepper ever. Worth seeking out for sure.


thought I’d point out here that I needed whole allspice and sage a few weeks ago. (Y’know, the sage I bought LAST Thanksgiving was a year old.) Checked Porter Star for whole allspice, but all they had was a giant $5.99 thing of poor quality Bahia. On a whim, I went into Cambridge Naturals next door and found you could buy really high quality allspice berries in bulk there for cheap. They also had great sage leaf, and the bulk thing meant that I got to purchase my sage for thanksgiving for the awesome price of eighteen cents.

They have a good selection of all kinds of other herbs/spices/mushrooms in bulk as well as things I use occasionally like xanthan gum etc. It’s a great spot to check if you only need a little of something…


Yes, that’s true. I tend to overlook them, but I’ve used them myself successfully in the past.