Peach ice cream

Great suggestions. Thanks so much. I’ll report on what I find. May take a week or two to get out to that area. Supermarket peaches are as hard as baseballs.

Trader Joe;s has had Georgia peaches, which were pretty good after a few days in a brown bag.
And I have found NJ peaches at a local farm stand that were pretty good too.

I just came back from Bensons. Got the Peach and Red Raspberry, 1/2 Pt each. They were both incredible.


Black Raspberry is done for the season

I got Georgia peaches on sale at Hannaford the other day (77cts/#). They are small, and on the hard side. With the caveat that I do pride myself on being able to choose produce well, I got just a few of the more promising ones, figuring that I could always make compote, or bake with them, if they were hopeless. But I had the tenderest one today, and it was quite good.

It has always surprised me that peach ice cream is not a year-round supermarket item. I see Breyer’s and Turkey Hill brand peach sporadically in the summer, and that’s about it. On occasion, I’ve softened vanilla ice cream, adding chopped fresh or canned peaches, peach preserves, and almond extract, then refroze it. Not pretty, but pretty delish!

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I probably didn’t need to know that the peach ice cream is good…but I’m glad I do!

Will take a ride after dinner…Thanks!

jp licks usually has peach ice cream during the summer

I should try this, we often put canned peaches on our plain yogurt

If you’re driving west of Boston Kimball’s in Westford or Carlisle usually has peach ice cream in August. I would call first just to be sure.

Brilliant solution. I can make it as peachy as I like.
Thanks to all who came through with suggestions.

You’re welcome. It’s also great with apricot (WHY is there never apricot ice cream?) or with canned pears, except that pear preserves are a rare find. I have pureed dried pears that were soaked in amaretto, instead.

Look at page 251 of “My Bombay Kitchen: Traditional and Modern Parsi Home Cooking” by Niloufer Ichaporia King for a fantastic dried-apricot ice cream recipe (I’ve made it several times), garnished with the almond-like kernels of the apricots. Or, the web is rife with fresh apricot ice cream recipes (e.g.,

I know, I know, you all want to buy the ice cream – peach, apricot, whatever – already made, not make it from scratch, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

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I don’t mind making ice cream but peach ice cream is a summer treat that I look forward to because its summer and peach season,
and its portion control.

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Deus ex machina. Totally unannounced and unexpected a friend stopped by today with several perfectly ripe peaches his cousin brought up from more southern climes. I ate one and it dripped splendidly down my arm. I’m going to go with Greygarious’ suggestion and soften up some vanilla ice cream.
Great site, HO. I was on that other place under a different name but rarely posted. From there, I learned about Russo’s, New Deal and many great restaurants. It’s great to see the migration here.

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I would like to find plain unflavored ice cream. Not vanilla, plain/no added flavor.
That way you can mix whatever you want

Locutus, Ranc’s in Lexington usually has sweet cream ice cream on the menu. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have vanilla in it. I’m not sure if the other locations also have it.

Yes, sweet cream ice cream ought not to have vanilla in it (Toscanini’s also carries it, as does Christina’s, I think), nor should fior di latte gelato.

I like smooshing things into a plain ice cream base, myself, and I find that ice creams with a touch of vanilla provide a better canvas for other flavors layered on them (fruit or otherwise) than sweet cream. A thin vanilla base works best, not a more custardy one. I also think the smooshed result tastes best when eaten right after the smooshing (it has this lovely, soft consistency) than if refrozen hard.

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thats good news. Ill have to get some. I have been getting the best nectarines lately. ill smash em up and mix em in

yes they do! but just for the month of august.

Ranc’s in Belmont had sweet cream ice cream today.

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Was at Christina’s last night and they had sweet cream ice cream.