Special sausages at Hannaford supermarkets

Earlier this year, though skeptical, I purchased a manager’s special package of blueberry maple pork sausage. These are full-sized links, not breakfast sausage, although the flavoring says breakfast. I loved them, so this week when I noticed pork with pumpkin sausage, I bought it. Also terrific. I put them in the oven, unpricked, at 300F for 30 minutes, then turn the heat up by 50-75 degrees (depending on whatever else I’m baking at the same time) for another 15 minutes.

Good to know about the sausages, Grey. When we were in Vermont we used to shop at Hannaford’s in South Burlington. There they had an all inclusive assortment of fresh Chiles. Do find the same in the MA Hannaford’s?

Can’t help you there - I never ever buy them, anywhere. What little chili heat I can tolerate comes from jars or bottles.

You can’t beat their return policy. Recently, I was overcharged on eggplant, not noticing till I got home that I paid for baby eggplant when what I bought was regular purple ones on sale for 99 cents/#. When I took the receipt in to ask to be refunded the difference, which was about $4.50. I was told that because it was a produce error, the item would be free, plus a double refund. Despite my protestations, they insisted on giving me over $12 !

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Well, that’s really impressive! Sounds even better than Trader Joe’s refund policy. Thanks, GG.

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