Special Occasion Restaurant in Paris for 16 People

Help! We are hoping to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday in June with a very special dinner in Paris. Unfortunately, the birthday falls on a Sunday, and we are a large group of around 14-18 people. Our budget would be between Euro 100- 200 per person, and a restaurant with a private room (or at least a private area) would be ideal. Can someone recommend such a place in Paris?

How about a dinner cruise on the Seine instead of a conventional restaurant ? My company uses Yachts de Paris often for business events and, in my experience, the “cadre”/ setting, food and service are always top-notch. The smaller boats are without a real kitchen, meals are from the excellent Le Notre catering group, and will be re-heated aboard but usually surprisingly good. https://www.yachtsdeparis.fr/ and for a sample of the food https://www.lenotre.com/vos-receptions/evenements-entreprises

If you raise your budget and are willing to move the birthday celebration to the Saturday before , Don Juan II is their largest and most stylish boat used for Michelin-starred gastronomic cruises and could also be a possibility… not a private cruise and you’d have to share the dining room with others. Food is very, very, very good. And expensive. €240 each without wine/ drinks. https://donjuan2.yachtsdeparis.fr/bord

I also happen to know and like Michelin-starred La Grande Cascade restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne near Longchamp racecourse as a place for special-occasion group meals. Open 7/7. Beautiful and historic Belle-Epoque pavillon. The restaurant is big enough to accommodate 16 in one section and, for a hefty room rental fee, there are also a number of smaller private dining rooms. I am not sure but suspect you also have to use one of their catering menus rather than the restaurant menu for the private rooms. For some, the logistics could be off-putting. It can be accessed by bus but only from the Porte Maillot on the western periphery of Paris. Otherwise, taxis/ ubers or a hired bus. https://www.restaurantsparisiens.com/la-grande-cascade/

Thank you very much, indeed, ParnParis! Those are excellent suggestions :smiley:, and I shall certainly check them all out. I’m glad to hear Lenotre is still excellent: they did a splendid reception for us 25 years ago at Le Pre Catelan, and a boat would be an unforgettable experience. La Grande Cascade was on my radar as well, but I never met anyone who had been there. Your recommendation and description are reassuring, and it sounds like an ideal alternative to the boats.

I’ll look into your kind suggestions and report back. Thank you!