Special occasion pre-baby dinners Westchester NY

I’m pregnant and due in a couple of months. My husband and I are wanting to do a few nicer than usual dinners out before baby comes. We haven’t been doing a lot of fine dining in the county lately so I don’t know what’s new. Not looking for stuffy fancy but more trendy, grown ups’ night out, dimly lit, no kids type places that we probably won’t be getting to as often once we are new parents. We will definitely be doing Kittle House tap room for old times sake but I’d love some more suggestions! We are open to basically any cuisine type except sushi and will travel from Ossining. As for budget, let’s say Blue Hill is more than we want to spend.
Thanks in advance!!

So exciting! I’ll throw a few out there. The Farmer & the Fish in Purdy’s, La Camelia (Spanish cuisine) in Mt Kisco, Mima in Irvington, Little Drunken Chef in Mount Kisco, La Vela in Pleasantville (and you know all about Pubstreet!)

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Made a reservation for Mima for this weekend! They had me at " lemon infused tagliatelle
shrimp, baby rainbow greens, blistered tomato, lemon peel, white wine reduction " !!

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Oh my goodness. I just might splurge one day soon too!! Enjoy!!

WE have not been in a couple of years, but did not like it the last time. Have you been lately? I really did like it at one time and would love it if it has come back up to where it once was.

Congrats Ice Cream!!!

BTW - please let us know how the Tap Room is - you know how we felt the last few time we went!

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A neighbor just had dinner there and raved about it, so it looks like a new chef/management is breathing some new life back into it.

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Good! I didn’t even know they had new management. They used to have my half duck on the bone there and it was quite good! Thanks!

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Just a quick funny story based on your post I will share with you.

Prior to my wife giving birth to our second child, I knew my business entertaining schedule would be curtailed with a newborn in the house, so I booked a ton of business dinners a few weeks prior to her due date. At the time I was doing a lot of business entertaining and the prime spot was Peter Lugers (a very prestigious steakhouse in Brooklyn…they only take cash or they have their own credit card, which I had an application pending for).

Well as life would have it, my wife who was due on Easter that year (April 12th) went into labor on Ash Wednesday and gave birth to my son on February 25th. Needless to say with a new born premie all business entertaining was cancelled. Yes, I had to cancel my 9 up coming reservations at Peter Lugers. {{sigh}}

About two weeks later I receive an envelope in the mail from Peter Lugers, at last my credit card had arrived!!! I open the envelope with great zeal only to find my application returned to me torn into little pieces. No joke. {{double sigh}}

Needless to say I haven’t been back to Peter Lugers in 20 years. {{triple sigh}}

I hope you enjoy your pre-baby dinners!!! Good luck with the whole new baby thing!!


I’m so sorry! I get the humor, but as a mom of three, this hit a sore spot! You poor thing! Sheesh - quite a “congratulations” from Peter Luger! You’d think that instead of spending the effort into being that harsh, they might have inferred that if someone has to cancel 9 reservations, there must be extenuating circumstances! I can’t stand people (or restaurants) who think who they are. Pure elitist snobbery. Glad I never made the trek into Brooklyn to go there - meanness doesn’t make steak more enticing.