special (for a 5 year old) dinner before Frozen in Providence

Here’s a tough one: As a birthday treat, I’m taking my (turning 5) granddaughter and her mom to see Frozen at the Providence Performance Center on Sunday. The show starts at 6:30. For an early dinner, I’m thinking of a new type of more grownup experience: one idea is an “afternoon tea” type thing. I found one place in Warwick (where they live) but they only serve until 3pm. This would be okay if started at 3 pm but I haven’t heard back from the place if that is okay.
Do any of the local hotels do this? Any other ideas? (Definitely NOT a place like Dave and Busters). We’re looking for a more “grownup” type place.


Afternoon tea is fun, though you might want to check what’s included and tailor it a bit to your granddaughter’s taste.

But at 5, even a nice restaurant she wouldn’t usually go to that has something kid-friendly like fancy-ish grilled cheese or scratch mac and cheese (or whatever her favorites are) makes for a special outing.

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I immediately thought of Duck & Bunny but I hadn’t heard about the major renovation/demolition. I’ve never been but I’ve known about it since they opened and it seemed like just the type of place you are seeking. Ceremony looks interesting but there may not be enough food options (from their Instagram account, it sounds like they were going to offer more Japanese food options, like onigiri).

I’ll keep thinking…

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Brunch at Oberlin? They take reservations until 2pm. Adventurous, inventive food, but there are some things a five year old might enjoy.

At around the same age we took our daughter to a Belgian brasserie. I ordered mussels, and she insisted on ordering them too, though I offered to share. Never mind she had no idea what they were. To keep the peace we got her her own order. She proceeded to devour the entire bucket.


I suppose you already came across Val’s which only serves afternoon tea until 3:30 pm, similar to the Warwick place.

The other thought I had was outdoor igloo dining which could fit with the Frozen theme (I’ve never seen it so I’m just guessing that there is some ice involved). We tried it a couple times during the pandemic and Spring Onion (he was ~6 yo at the time) got a big kick out of it.


@leg Hi Lisa—Curious where you ended up. I’m always on the lookout for fun dining options in/around PVD for kids.

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We went to The Tree House which always looked so cool in the pictures. Meh
I’m going to check out Val’s for another grandma/grandkid experience.