Special Event For HO Members Only: Mongolian Omakase [Waltham, MA]

I was thinking about how lucky I am to have found this forum, and how I could repay you all for the great knowledge you’ve already shared with me since I joined a few days ago. Seeing that much of the recent chatter has been about 2 things - Mongolian food at A Lee 88 and omakase as a concept - I decided to go out on a whim and try to organize something weird. After a couple of conversations with the owner and chef at A Lee 88, they’ve agreed to hold a “Mongolian Omakase” pop up! Date will be Friday, April 15 and this will be pickup only at a soon-to-be-disclosed location in Waltham. I have no details about what will be served, but they assure me that they will be getting unique, off-menu ingredients and packing a very special assortment of dishes. Cost is $35 pp. For now, they’ve asked me to just try to acquire an approximate count by next week, and then they will share details about pickup location and time. Please post here to let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll coordinate, then post the details next week. This should be fun!


Sadly, we’ll be out of town, in RI so I can’t participate. :disappointed_relieved:

I love your initiative @Kennyz!

Bummer - hopefully this will go well and we’ll do it a second time. We’ll iron out the kinks while you’re away.


We’ve been referring to this type of HO meetup as a “HOdown” for years! Yours sounds fantastic and unique - I wish I were local and could join you! Next time, maybe. Thanks so much for organizing and sharing your enthusiam with HOs new and old!


Dude, I’m in.

If it is pick up only, we could start a thread on the day of and all chime in with our experience with it. A virtual HO-down of sorts.


Is this an April Fool’s gag? :slight_smile:

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Sorry everyone. - The chef at A Lee 88 backed out after getting wind of the incivility in our James Beard thread. They’ll be looking for a different audience to try their Mongolian Omakase. Not us :frowning:


The morale of the story…be civil! Or else no soup for you! Or for anyone else. Dang it.

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Don’t know if this was an April Fool’s gag or not, but the idea that we’d be refused food – even if it was meant as an extra – simply because of an internal discussion on this board makes me uncomfortable. How did the people at A Lee 88 get “wind of the incivility in our James Beard thread”? Do they read us, or is someone supplying them information?

I wasn’t that confident that my OP would fool anyone, but I had some hope that it might get a few people. But my last post? Did not occur to me that anyone might consider the possibility that that one could be real.


Count me doubly-fooled.

I confess, I am the chef of A Lee 88. I was using anon6418899 as a guerilla marketing campaign.


Oops, I would have been totally fooled. I’ve not been keeping up with this board the past several days and it’s very easy to misread something when you’re only checking in sporadically like me.

That said, this would be sensational as a future HO-down.