Special Brunch? [Ontario]

Hi there - what are some recommendations for my Mom’s birthday brunch? Also would need to be grandchild friendly and be able to take group reservations. Thanks!

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Hi @Parik_Shah , welcome to HO! Just an FYI, I added Ontario to the title of your post to help you get appropriate responses - if you could also add your city, that would be great. Thanks!

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I recently tried Clay at the ceramic museum as its close by. Nice space and decent food. I enjoyed the fries a lot there burger was OK. I personally think brunch are either OK or decent with a rare good spot. Otto Bierhalle is a surprisingly good spot with their feast being a standout.

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Thank you! Is there a way to update it after the fact?

Clay definitely looks interesting - and I agree with you about brunch in general. I’ve heard it’s usually the most hated shift in a restaurant. Having said that, as someone with a toddler - many times it’s the only option on the weekend if you don’t want to be a complete hermit!

If you look at the title of your post, you should see a little pencil icon at the end. Click it and you can change the title. There may be a time limit on this for non-mods - if you don’t see the pencil, just post the city in the thread and I will update the title for you. Thanks!

Well they have the same menu throughout the week from what I saw oddly they are closed Saturdays (due to Gardiner being closed I suppose) so brunch away. I went on a Friday and it was busy enough