Speakeatery, Asbury Park, NJ

This video popped up on my Facebook page, looks interesting to say the least. I did a quick search, even their own website isn’t completely working. Any info on them? If this is indicative of the type of things they are serving looks like it could be a fun spot. @joonjoon @CurlzNJ @seal

They’re definitely worth going to! A few mentions in the NJ’s best sub/hoagie sop thread… :grin:

Yes, definitely a fun looking place. I could see hanging out there.

Not so much the sandwich for me though. They killed it for me right off with the beans. Interesting though, and those ribs look good. Can I just get the rib, sauce, and slaw?

Not big enough for hanging out, unfortunately… It’s one of the few drawbacks of the place, imo.

My arteries hardened from just viewing the video!


I’ll just leave this here for @NotJrvedivici and @joonjoon :slight_smile:


@joonjoon @VikingKaj @NotJrvedivici @corvette_johnny this is for you…


Hubba, Hubba !!


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Know yer audience, people. Know yer audience. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That thing is phat.

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Wait a minute, I detected an error in the description.

Those should be deep fried Taylor Ham bits.

Wow thanks for sharing! That thing is speaking my language!

I think we need a fat sandwich thread!

Glad you enjoyed it! Just note they’re only running this special through Friday…

I have a wedding in MA and I’m leaving Friday so I won’t be able to make it but hopefully someone tries it. I’m missing yet another ho down. I planned to make the Rodizio trip until the date got changed. One of these years I’ll get to one and things will work out!

I know what I’m eating for lunch.


Photos please !

@joonjoon lemme guess…food coma?

Shit I forgot! I’ll be there soon though :smiley:

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That looks interesting. I’m wondering if the cranberry might throw it off. Some extra gravy might work for me instead :):smile: