Spare a thought for SW Florida

Tomorrow I’m making pans and pans of baked pasta with spaghetti sauce and cheese and taking dozens of burgers and hot dogs to one of my customers tomorrow.

They’re one of my higher volume accounts and most of their 200+ associates haven’t had a hot meal in a week since Ian.

This store is just 40 miles from my door.

Please consider donating to hurricane relief efforts. A lot of people’s lives have changed forever.


How are things progressing? I hear very little up here in DC.

Its still a mess. Thr places that weren’t completely destroyed are slowly clawing towards normal, but there are places that won’t have electricity for months because they have to completely rebuild the grid.

It will be years until its all finally resolved.

(And just for the record…I’d have fed the associates if they were my smallest account, too)