Spanish in East Bay

Bauer recently gave a lukewarm review to Walnut Creek’s Teleferic that I have yet to visit. I’m off to Portugal/Spain, but for some reason wanted a baseline locally. So instead returned to La Marcha in Berkeley. Although the other dishes were good, surprisingly I found the paella we had this time quite disappointing. One dimensional, too wet, undistinguished – the rabbit/duck/snail one. We took most home, and weren’t inspired to finish it even the next day. I make my own killer paella when I get inspired. I find the paella at Venga near Jack London perhaps not fully authentic, but scarf it to the porcelain. What are people’s recs for Spanish?

Duende and La Marcha are my two “go to’s”

Not in EB, but Contigo in SF is quite good for Spanish tapas. They offer a $38 Paella Tuesday Tasting Menu which is, well, delicious.

Also not East bay, but enjoyed the squid ink paella and patatas bravas at B44 in belden alley (FiDi, SF). Toast w/ jamon iberico a good starter.

Well, if we’re talking about SF, I still love Piperade and Bask . . .