Some people join just to dump links and nothing more. Other sites don’t allow that, not only that but also moderate new members’ first few posts to see if their contributions are on topic and meaningful.

Or I just go back to ignoring them.


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Other sites have paid moderators to do fulltime spam moderation, this one doesn’t. It’s easy enough to mute a thread and never see it again.

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Yeah, good idea.Muting hides the thread(s).
Normally, I don’t open the thread or scroll right pass it.

Even sites that have volunteer mods the forum software has an option to hold a post waiting moderation. When a mod is online they take a look and allow it.

I think that’s what happens here when a post is flagged.

I meant the spam post doesn’t show up until it passes moderation.

@sck can answer that.
I’ve had discussions with him previously, but can’t remember exactly how the flagging system works.
We had so many spammers on Roadfood for a while that they instituted a no links rule for new posters.
Worked very well.

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I looked into the forum software setting, and tweaked the setting such that new user is not allowed to post links. So I think now spammers have to hang around and participate (the horror!) for a few hours before they can post links. let’s see how it goes.

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