SPAM? New user Lutfi_Amri

Got a pvt message that appears to be spam - no way to report it

May I ask what the content of this message was that makes you suspect Spam?

I’m not clicking on a suspicious link, but here is the message:

Wacth here please

Link modified.

I’m not going to click on the link either, but the user has been suspended.

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Oh, I clicked, it’s a hard drive recovery service.

These days, maybe economy is going down. I feel much more spams than before. From self promo youtubers and IG users to all types of wierd products. Some are getting smarter, and will post “harmless posts” like vague opinions but obvious self promotion in their profile.


You are so wonderfully kind and responsible. Safer to ignore and delete such an unsolicited link, though. You might think of it as the IT equivalent of social distancing.

I work in tech, and the security professionals advise us never to click on links from unknown sources or a link that seems suspicious—even if the link comes from a person or organization you know.

The security pros warn us because there are phishing attacks that use such links to expose your computer or device to a virus or malware (malicious software that steals information, compromises your computer in some way, or both).


Just to keep everyone safe, I’ve edited the post to remove the link.


Just curious, did you put that smiley in the url or it was there like that?

It was there - I just copied over the message, because there was no way to flag it or forward.

As an aside can we add that? A way to flag pvt messages to mods or forward - seems like a workaround to flagging spam if il there’s no way to do it when it’s a DM.

Thank you as always.

To grab attention for mods, use @moderators instead of flags. A member getting lots of flags is no good statistic wise.

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It seems one can flag a PM message, click the 3 dots icon and you should see the flag button. But I wonder if mod can read it because it’s a PM. Need some testing on it, will let you know.

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Ha ok - thanks, I didn’t know that

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@naf, after clicking on that unsolicited link, maybe you should have your computer checked for viruses and malware.

Thanks for the reminder, just checked with an installed security scan, nothing suspicious is found. Luckily!

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