Spain’s drought has pushed olive oil prices to a 26-year high — and they’re expected to stick

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It isnt just olives that have been hit by Spain’s recent weather conditions. The UK (as many parts of northern Europe) imports a lot of salad crops from southern Spain and more so during the cooler months. That includes tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and lettuce.


I used to pay 5-6 euro for a liter of olive (cooking) oil, only less than 2 years ago, now the same bottle costs me 8-9 euro. My solution is to buy in bulk, ie 5 liter cans.

I’ve just bought a very nice 5 liter plastic bottle of great quality Spanish extra virgin olive oil for 75 euro, so 15 euro per liter which is great value imho. Pago Baldios.

A 1-litre bottle of Dia brand virgin oil was €7,50 at the Dia in Seguiero Tuesday evening.

Things are really dry, even in normally wet Galicia. We had no rain for our entire Camino. Rain began the evening we walked into Santiago and the forecast for this weekend was for so much rain that we fled to Bordeaux. (Its been lovely here but Monday and Tuesday are to be a washout).