[Spain] Restaurants in Costa Brava/Girona

Can anyone share some of their favorite restaurants in this part of the world? We last visited in 2014 and will be visiting once again. We’ll be staying in Begur but will have a car. We plan on being in Girona for maybe 2 days as we have friends there.

Compartir in Cadaques interests me as does Ca l’enric. Does anyone have any experience at either place? Any places in Girona that you would recommend?

Lastly, if I were to go to Ca l’enric…or any degustation menu sort of place…would it be more ideal to go for a long lunch or dinner? My issue is that dining starts late in Spain and I’m not sure if I’m up for a 90 minute drive after dinner at 1am.


I would have thought that many restaurants offering a degustation are likely to stagger dining times. Whilst I’ve never done one in Spain, I’ve eaten in a number of high end places and easily been able to get tables at around 8pm. You tend to find your fellow diners are also non-Spaniards, with the locals booking tables for what they regard as a more civilised, later time.

If that’s not available, then I would have thought lunch would be the way to go