Spain cheesed off with Mexico.

There’s a dispute regarding manchego that is holding up a trade deal. I was only aware of Spanish manchego, didn’t realise there was a Mexican cheese of the same name

I’ve heard of fake news but this is the first I’ve heard of fake cheese. Or should lthis be fake cheese news?

I do like the fact that there’s a Brotherhood of Manchego Cheese.

Since you were talking about fake news, for 2 seconds I thought it was a fake Guardian website. They have just changed the logo and site design (today?).

I think the Spanish is losing the war on the American side, but the Mexican could not use the same name in Europe.

Yes, I’ve just bought my “real” Guardian which is now tabloid size from today.

I suppose the DoC rules are always tricky outside of the EU, as they can only be enforced within the Union.

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