[Spain] Alicante, Spain

I will be in Alicante for a few days in July and would love recommendations, especially for casual places, tapas, bakeries, etc. Would love to know if anyone’s been in the past 2 years who could give some advice!

We will also spend 3 nights just north of Alicante in the countryside inland from Altea/Benidorm. We’re probably staying in Polop, but will have car.

Finally, would also love advice about where to spend one night between Polop and Barcelona…we’ll be in a car, so it could be really anywhere (but probably not Valencia proper). We’d be happy to plan this overnight around a great meal.

Thanks in advance

I went to El Cantó (tapas place) a couple of times (it’s conveniently located in the neighbourhood of my hotel). Seemed to be always full. I went at opening time and only then I could get a seat at the bar. Apparently it’s quite touristy but I only heard Spanish spoken by other patrons when I was there. The place is tiny so it fills up fast.

Also ate at a real restaurant but can’t remember what the name of it is anymore. Only have photos of the food.

There are so many restaurants it can be hard to pick a couple of “best” ones if one only has a couple of days. Make sure you try typical food such as tomato bread, fartons (drink horchata with them), foods with almond sauce (Picada), and never forgo the jamón under any circumstances. Check out the market, too. Pick up tinned and dried seafood for the road or to take home. I especially love the tinned seafood and dried tuna and dried tuna roe. The tomatoes, olive oil and jamón are the.best!

Check out my trip photos for some idea. (Watch in full screen)