Southern Monmouth resto w/ party room & liquor license

Hi All,

A friend of mine is planning a 75th birthday celebration. For a Monday or Tuesday night. She’s looking for something casual, in southern Monmouth. She would like to have a party room and a liquor license. She’s thinking about 20 people.

Where would you recommend?

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The liquor license requirement likely knocks out quite a few places. Not quite southern Monmouth, but northern Ocean is the Wharfside in Point Pleasant. Checks off the liquor license requirement and is quite scenic, but the food quite average (or some would say below average). If the party is “in season”, a Monday or Tuesday night shouldn’t present too much a challenge. I suspect there are more options in a town like Asbury, but whether they are appropriate for a 75th bday may be an issue. How about Taka? Not sure if they have a private room. Porta has a private room, but it may be bench seating.

Wharfside sounds interesting. Do they have a party room?

It’s at least 25 years, but I seem to recall having gone to a party at Wharfside in a private room. Given the long passage in time, that’s definitely something to check.

Maybe Scarborough Fair in Sea Girt/Wall? I just looked their website and they do have a liquor license and one room that seats up to 25 and one up to 50. I have eaten there in years but I know several people who like it.

A tad south, but Charlie’s of Bay Head has a LOVELY private room upstairs (and an elevator to get up there, iirc). They also offer valet parking and there’s a lot across the street that can be used.


Johnny Piancone’s or Mar Belo Portuguese Restaurant on Broadway in Long Branch.


That’s by far the best food of all the previous recommendations

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Piccola Italia in Ocean


Posillipo, in Oakhurst. Don’t know if they have a separate party room.

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I would check out MoonStruck in AP…

I’d also look at somewhere like Tommy’s in Seabright, which also has a private room on the 2nd floor.

Another option is 618 in Freehold…(not sure if that checks the box for Southern monmouth)

Thank you for all the suggestions! I have passed them on to the host, and she’s going to sort them out, make some calls and book a party. I will let you know what her decision ends up being, and how the party turns out.


Whhhhyyyyyy do people ask me about restaurants, and then never take my suggestions??!!

We had some great ones, but once again, they chose something else. She is going with Tuscany, which is an italian place in Brick. They have a party room and she is friends with someone who is friends with the owner. He agreed to some food modifications to the menu, and she’s decided to go there.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful suggestions. I was hoping for a nice, new food experience. I’m going to have it, but not at one of the place I was hoping to.

Because this is who we are. WE know, they don’t, they ask, and they forget that they went to a better source. I’m sure we can all share the stories!! Now you’ll go, smile pretty, and sit there eating (I’m guessing) “acceptable” food and wonder why they spent the $$$ on that.


Bingo!!! So true!!!

So just to bring everybody up to speed, the birthday dinner took place last night at Tuscany in Brick.
It was fine. Nothing exceptional, just ok food that wouldn’t upset anybody. I had parmesan crusted chicken over risotto. The chicken was fine, but the risotto was really dry.
The best part of the meal was a nice loap of warm bread with sesame seeds on top.
The birthday boy was happy, everyone ate and nobody went home hungry. So, success!


This is exactly what I’ve come to expect in these situations. FAR better than awful food and service! Glad it went well.

Yup, it was about the celebration and the people attending having a good time. MIssion accomplished for the organizer!