South Fremont or Milpitas?

I have a business meeting in Milpitas tomorrow and will be finished around dinnertime. I’ll be taking BART from Berkeley to Warm Springs and then catching an Uber to my destination. What’s noteworthy in terms of food, either adjacent to the last couple BART stops (say, San Leandro to Warm Springs) or in Milpitas itself? Regional Chinese, Indian or good taquerias would be of especial interest, but I’ll happily take other suggestions.

I can’t think of distinctive regional Chinese within Milpitas. Avoid the Lanzhou noodle shop. Its not good.

I don’t eat Indian at Milpitas frequently enough to assess the overall strengths and weaknesses of the whole menu of Indian places. But places that I am interested to go or go back are:

Dindigul Thalappakatti (Tamil)

Red Chillies (Keralan)- haven’t been. Same for Aachi Aappakadai and Anjappar. Want to try.

If you are into biryani, Hyderabad Dum is better than BiryaniZ.

I recently had a Gujarati thali meal at Sri Surati. Its not bad, but probably only worth it if you are looking for Gujarati-specific veggie meal.

An Indian coworker of my wife liked off-menu specials at Milan, but I never figured out how to get those (or what they are), and its probably too late for you.

There’s always BBH Noodle whose specialty is bun bo hue. I had a 50/50 hit rate with the Mekala noodle at Noodle Hut (Cambodian)- once wonderful, once average, so its hard to say which version would show up.

A few of us here had a good meal at Kendejah in San Leandro. I like Cloudland Rice Noodle for their Yunnan cross the bridge noodle.

I think I posted some of these here before.

Let us know how it turned out.