South Carolina

I recently took another tour of SC barbecue, and of hash and rice, a wonderful local specialty that’s been described as “liquid sausage,” and that’s prepared in myriad ways. Note that SC bbq is dominated by buffets that are open Thursday-Saturday. Plan accordingly
My Day 1 stops included, first, Bum’s Restaurant, the best BBQ in Ayden, NC

and possibly the best cornbread in NC

Shuler’s, just off 95

witha wonderful vinegar-pepper-mustard sauce and a remarkable hash

Brown’s with just ok bbq

but a great buffet full of meats and vegetables for those who’re hungry

Day 2 started with breakfast at Lizard’s Thicket (great name) for some onion sausage - a hyper local treat

Then to Maurice’s Piggie Park in West Columbia, purged od al controversy, with very good pork and a classic mustard sauce (that I doctored a bit), really delicious hash and rice, and fatback, which may be the ambrosia of the Olympic gods

Carolina BBQ in New Ellenton (near Aiken) had a wonderful smoky barbecue, and even better hash

Then to Price’s, near Columbia, for another buffet

with more great hash and rice – and fatback. The fatback is fantastic. Bacon on crack.

I was slowing down, having had only an hour between meals. My last stop of the day turned out to be Ward’s in Sumter, and a small order of hash ($7.85)

that must have weighed two pounds. It was Sensational! It was extraordinarily complex. There hash you eat the more you notice. Its amazing.

The barbecue generally was very good. The mustard sauces have taken some getting used to, but I’m there now. good stuff. The hash ranges very widely, but it really can be a treat. Get to know it.

I did blog posts on each of these with many more photos and much more detail. Go to and search"south carolina" – or ask


Great, informative post! The hash and rice has me curious; it almost sounds like scrapple’s soupier southern cousin. My husband’s people came from the Aiken area and he’s been talking about a drive down that way. I prefer my genealogy with a large dose of local food so I will encourage this.


You should!
Some of the hash has that slight tinge of liver you find in scrapple, but some has much more – a lot, and I have to doctor some of it. Other recipes – most of the ones I’ve tried have zero liver. It’s just pork or upstate beef and goodness. My route took me down 95 to Florence and then across on 20 to Aiken, with detours off both interstates – not sure where you live. South Carolina has a lot of local specialties – person, chicken mull, chicken bog, and they’re all good. When you get back, you’ll probably want to buy Jim Roller’s book, Going Whole Hog.

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Person? Methinks 'twas autocorrected from perloo? Or is this a delicacy of which Ive never heard?


Ha! sigh. perloo. Damned autocorrect, AKA Artificial Ignorance. my apologies


Yes! I’m stealing this!


I’ve mentioned in other threads that I prefer mccabes while you give the edge to shulers. Turns out in the past, our departure time from fl has always landed us there towards the end of their dinner service but this time we arrived at 5:30pm, and what a difference it made!

The warm-ish, nothing special, sorta greasy chicken was replaced with this magnificent specimen, the pulled pork wasn’t dry, the ribs perfectly cooked if a little weirdly seasoned, the hush puppies hot and delicious…the entire meal nothing short of wonderful! In fact, so good that I went back for a similarly sized second plate and then had some of their wonderful banana pudding!


Actually I go back and forth between Shuler’s and McCabe’s. My recent focus on SC hash has me leaning McCabe’s, but both have outstanding pork.
It always helps to catch a place at a good time. of day.

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Seems like you’ve done a lot of hash exploration of late, McCabes is the best I’ve had, I love it over their perlau. I guess another difference is that McCabes goes out of their way to make you feel welcome, shulers is so big and busy, seems a little impersonal.

True. I’m a bug fan of the hash at McCabe’s. Shuler’s hash is a little strong on the liver, and needs some hot sauce badly

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Dang! I forgot to copyright it!

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