Sousaku Bistro has opened [Malden]

sousaku bistro has opened on eastern ave in malden

Ok, I went here a few hours ago, they told me that they officially opened two days ago, but whatever, it’s got my approval.

Not everything works, and the sushi chef is not the main chef, but I had 7 dishes, 8 really, it was 50 bucks pre-tax/tip and frankly, the best deal in elevated Japanese food. I have never been to Hojoko, but looked with wary eyes at many yelp photos, and even personal photos of friends even professionals that I respect. This is better and cheaper. Way better way cheaper.

It’s not really Japanese in the sense that it is a project of a Taiwanese chef trained in Taiwan in Japanese fusion cooking, but this is the way fusion should be done. Not all dishes work, but some are outstanding. It does have real Japanese taste at moments, and that is a huge breakthrough. I guarantee, again, that the usual media outlets will follow me, if not hire me.

It’s in Malden, not Boston. It took over for Cafe Adriatic, a Balkan private club that I always was curious about, but died before I got there. 166 Eastern Ave in Malden.

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OK, that looks fantastic–especially the eel ochazuke. But…does it come with a domino?

The domino tiles serve as chopstick rests. I liked them so I shoved it in the camera view.

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