Sourcing: Wenchang style chicken in South Bay?

When you order Hainan chicken at certain restaurants, the chicken has this deep yellow skin and is full of oil and flavor. Where do they source that from and where can I get it in South bay? In China, they use a breed called Wenchang chicken. I doubt it’s wenchang chicken, but they have to be using something similar. I’ve tried 99 Ranch, Hankook, Mitsuwa, H-Mart and can’t find anything that looks like it. Anyone here with sourcing info?

I had decent results with the yellow fur chicken sold at lots of Chinese-owned markets in the city. They often sell these (wong mo gai) along with a “kui fei” hybrid chicken for roasting. I’d be surprised if at least 99 Ranch in the South Bay doesn’t carry one of these. (Less surprised that the Korean/Japanese supermarkets don’t have them.)

Good article from Jonathan Kauffman in 2014:

I’ve tried 99 ranch, but they don’t have it (unless it’s seasonal?). All I see are those Foster Farms looking chickens with the pale skin.

For 99, get the $5.99/lb brown chicken. Not the $4.99/lb empress chicken, which tastes like regular factory chicken, but the brown chicken. That’s what I use to make empress chicken regularly. Good chicken-y flavor.

I used to use the heritage chicken from Belcampo. But they closed down the Palo Alto location. But arguably the 99 brown chicken is closer in style and flavor to the hainan chicken found in restaurants.


Thanks, I’ll try it.