Source for vanilla extract

I’m coming up on the end of my bottle of Neilson Massey vanilla extract. I’m looking for a good sized bottle at a decent price. Prices have gone up, but I’m hoping there’s a good supplier with a great product I don’t know about yet.

I love this vanilla, speckled with lots of flecks of vanilla, but it is quite pricy.

The Costco Kirkland vanilla extract


I think Costco was about $35-37.00 a bottle but once we started buying beans we made our own. Comes together very quickly if you buy quality beans.

Otherwise the only source we have bought from over the years is. They sell vanilla extract, beans, sugar…and saffron.

@heidicooksandbakes, be sure to add vodka into the bottle; know more than a tsp to nab the very last out of that bottle before disposing it. Those tiny specks cling.

I often find the Nielsen-Massey brands at Home Goods, at a slightly discounted price. In making a rub for pork ribs last night, I had to move several bottles of vanilla extract, vanilla paste, and vanilla beans to get at what I needed for the rub. I think I’m good for awhile. :wink:


My buddy makes it for me…
Maybe try growing a vanilla Orchid they are both pretty and rewarding

Depending on your use, you might like making your own. I make up 1.75 liters every January, and what I don’t use becomes Christmas gifts. I generally don’t use it for three months. I have used beans from Beanilla and Native Vanilla with success. If you want, you can play with mixed beans for different tastes. Upfront it is a bigger expense, but really cheaper in the long run, plus you can make vanilla paste and vanilla sugar.