Source for Reames frozen egg noodles? NYC

I’m looking for a source for Reames frozen egg noodles. I’m craving a dish I was introduced to when I lived in Indiana - chicken and noodles. It’s a simple, homey dish composed of stewed shredded chicken, the thickened broth it’s stewed in and thick homemade noodles, all simmered together. Regular dry egg noodles are texturally very different. I don’t think it’s possible to buy these frozen noodles in the NYC area but you never know! I’m not feeling the urge to take on homemade noodles just now and Reames are really the same thing. Anyone seen these? TIA

did you find reames frozen egg noodles?

Nope. I gave up for the time being. Plus I’m sort of on a diet. Sort of.