Source For Northern Thai Sausage - Sai Ua? (SFBA)

Is there a local source for buying Northern Thai sausages?

These are the ones served at Lers Ros and in fact Tycoon with raw onion, green chile and lime. I love the chunky pork and the sour and spicy notes in the sausage. I prefer the one at Lers Ros because it’s more moist and flavorful, a lovely combo.

At time I crave these while sipping bourbon, and I’ve not found them at Ranch or Marina markets.

How different are these from Lao sausages? Vientian in Oakland sells these frozen, and also supplies them to Pal’s Takeaway

I have no idea. I haven’t tried the Lao version. Perhaps someone else who’s tried both can chime in.

This thread is pretty comprehensive, at least for the East Bay.

The ones from Vientian cafe are the best (made in house), but I live near Sun Hop Fat, and get their commercial frozen version from time to time.

Indeed it’s a treasure trove for Oakland, Berkeley etc. Any places at all in SF or the Peninsula?