Sour Cream Crullers

My mom just kicked cancer after losing her husband (and my dad) of 43 years, last year. She has zero vices but does love these crullers we used to get in Orleans on the cape. That place is out of business but any leads on where I could overnight these cruller donuts?! Her appetite is starting to return. Thank you!


No recommendations unfortunately but here’s a list of places to look.


“A place on the Cape” ! We were reminiscing with family this summer about Flemings - Dennis and Eastham - as well as the spot you’re recalling. All closed. Anyhow you’ll need a traditional donut shop rather than the mostly raised donut shops/pop-ups around now. Call This fellow is the real thing. We stopped by chance coming back from Albany on the MA Pike. The sign’s vintage intrigued me, we bought two. Totally bummed we didn’t buy more. Stopped again this past September. Foolishly sent the husband in to buy 2 each. Came out with a box of various donuts and two bags of donut holes.


Great tip! Thanks, I’ll give him a call. Appreciate it!


As others have chimed in, I wish to hell that I had a recommendation. I don’t but I wish your mama the best. Mine is going though some tough stuff and good food is the one of the only things that bring her joy these days (Spring Onion is #1).

Here’s to you and your mama finding your donut.


Sending you so much strength to your mom and you for being there through it all.