Soup in [Manhattan]

I ran a soup thread on Chowhound years ago, as well as a borscht thread.

I didn’t want to hijack JohnTannerBBQ’s weekend thread, so here is the start to a soup thread.

For fancy soup on the UES:

Café Sabarsky in the Neue Galerie on 5th Ave. The soups change seasonally. I had an exceptional cream of asparagus soup one May.

Soup near MoMA/ not too far from Broadway

Benoit at 60 W 55th

La Bonne Soupe on W 55th

East Village
Veselka at 144 2nd Ave

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Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


Are you looking for soup in Manhattan?

If so, where and what kind?

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Nope. I can’t travel right now, so this is an armchair traveller’s Manhattan soup post.

I posted my shout-outs to the 4 places I will revisit some day, and the places I send my friends and family while they’re hitting the museum circuit. Pam Real Thai (RIP)'s oxtail soup was also on my old soup shortlist.

Absolutely feel free to add your favourites.

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The Hungarian Soup at Soup Spot (31st/8th) in Midtown is great.

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