Soul On The River Neptune City, NJ Customer Service Fail

I actually read about this on the Asbury Park Press web site, lol cover the children’s ears before viewing! Has anyone ever been here?

Now I’m intrigued. :laughing:


In today’s world you honestly have no idea if this will help or hurt their business.


Never been, had never heard of it until I saw it on, and would never patronize it now that I’ve seen what went on!

I don’t know. She may be onto something and looking to be the next Dick’s Last Resort :thumbsup:

Here’s the backstory.

It’s spawned a ton of negative Yelp reviews by people who haven’t been there.

In all seriousness, I’d like to hear the owner’s side. Just curious because she said something about “grilled whitefish”. Intimating it is not a “normal” order.

However in no way she should have lost her cool like that, ever. But especially since she clearly saw the phone was out and recording.

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Why? What set of circumstances would excuse that attitude, language, and food-throwing?

But then again, stupid is the new smart.

There is no excuse for a business owner to act that way. Not. Ever.

I’d just like to know what made her reach that level of rudeness. I can’t believe this is a daily occurrence, so something must have made her snap.

(Color me cynical on videos not showing full exchanges between the parties)


I have family in Belmar and Neptune City. Better warn them to be careful!

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While I absolutely agree with you that there is no excuse for a business owner to act like that, if there is one thing my life experience in the restaurant, bar and business in general has taught me: Never under estimate the stupidity of the general public, or of your customers.


Jr you’re correct like usual. I’m not going on a rant but the general public seems to have a sense of self entitlement. I would really like to go off on a tangent but I’ll take the high road.

What this lady did was uncalled for, but I guarantee there is another side to this story. To make this lady so enraged makes me wonder what happened.

Anyway, on a positive note, how is the food here?

I wonder if this helps or hurts their business. I kind of want to check it out now.

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I bet it has helped. Let us know how it is. I don’t eat too many oxtails here in the US. I usually rock it out when I hit the Caribbean. I wish there were more spots to get them here.

The full video is even better.

Did you make the remix? Lol