Sotto Mare [San Francisco, North Beach]

More of a throwback to an earlier period as we have now descended to year 1 After Corona…

In any case, we had a delicious meal at Sotto Mare (they also have a gofundme for their employees if anyone so desires on their website). We sat on the lower level dining area, which isn’t really my favorite area. I think the squishier top level is more exciting as there’s a bunch of people and things going around but uh… now with the whole social distancing probably not the best…).

Anywho, lets start off the meal! Everything arrived super fast as we caught the brief lull period between all the tables eating and us just sitting down.

Started off with the steamers with a nice mussels in the garlicy buttery broth (great use for dipping bread).

Went with the steamer clams as well!

Going on, we went for the seafood linguini with the white sauce. Always enjoyed their seafood sauce, a great umami bomb with their broth.

I didn’t quite hear what fish my friend ordered, but they were out of sand dabs. I like to think this is the petrale sole? It was a white flakey fish that I enjoyed as well.

Lastly we finished the meal with their cioppino. Great stuff as I always liked the tomato broth.

All in all, an excellent meal.