SOS! Need egg-free cookie ideas....

We are quickly preparing a meal for a grieving family. A couple of family members are allergic to eggs. Can anyone suggest some egg-free cookies? We have ruled out Mexican Wedding Cakes (aka Russian Teacakes) and shortbread. Thanks in advance. (The family lives in a very hot, humid area, so that may also limit options.

Thanks in advance.

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Eggs are not all that important in many cookies, they help bind and create a little lift, but you can get by without them, or replace with additional dairy like yogurt or cream cheese. Here are a bunch of ideas…

Date squares

No bake cookies!

Shortbread is my favorite.


I think David Lebovitz’s Cranzac cookies are delicious. I substitute dried tart cherries for the dried cranberries.

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These are wonderful (you can cut back the salt and use some butter for flavor). They do benefit from a rest, though it doesn’t need to be as long as stated.

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I hopped on this thread to make the same suggestion of the Ovenly vegan cookie! I also add vanilla.

Just curious why you’re ruling out shortbread? Endless ways to customize it …

A florentine or lace cookie type thing wold qualify, but not great in humidity and fragile to ship. How about rice krispy treats, assuming commercial marshmallows don’t have egg.


When you say you ruled out shortbread, do you mean any sandy butter cookie? Ha @Babette had the same thought.
For example this:

(The egg is not needed for these, it’s just for brushing on the dough)


Or homemade nutter butters:

One of my favorite cookies are Alice Medrich’s sticks. The coconut and sesame stick variations are my favorites:

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You can basically substitute one medium ripe banana for every egg that’s called for in any given recipe.

Or if you don’t want to use bananas (because it does leave a slight banana aftertaste, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the type of cookie you are making), try a nut butter (like almond); use three tablespoons for every one egg.

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Such wonderful suggestions! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help.