Sorrel review

Posting pics review to follow as finally got around to trying it



Have been meaning to try this place ever since I moved here.
This area is lined with decent restaurants (terroni side is up for debate ) :blush:
I feel they are supported by the regular neighbors so you have to have consistent service and decent food. This spot checked both of these requirements well.
We had the following Zucchini Blossoms oh boy this starter was so good that Iordered an encore at the end of the meal. Lightly battered and fried with no greasy feel afterwards. Good filling of cheese and beautiful finish. Bravo. Beef Short Rib tend to order this dish usually whernI see it. This was OK nothing out of the ordinary. enjoyed the potato gratin side. Chicken (Fried version) didn’t try this dish but went well.
Their wine list is extensive and has some gems by the glass. I enjoyed a good California Red which is priced well for what it is. Service is very good. Kudos to a well trained and experienced staff. An important aspect that’s quite overlooked in Toronto at this price point IMO. All these trendy spots take note here those instagram/TikTok stories will get you a visit or two but not repeat business which is their mainstay here. will be back for a revisit soon.


That’s encouraging.
My first visit there was “not encouraging”. The wines I desired were not available (but on their list) and the service and food were erratic.
May be time to check it out again - it’s been a while.

In that area, Mineral is my favourite - very unattractive entrance, but the food is good.

Looking back at my dining adventures, I find that Browne’s Bistro is actually my most attended - definitely tired in appearance and the menu hasn’t changed in years (neither has the clientele!) but they have an excellent Mushroom Pizza (had it again this week - NO Tomato sauce - to which I’m allergic), Their Rigatoni dish inspired us to use that pasta at home - and the ‘comfort food’ Liver and Onions is rarely encountered in Toronto any more.
Of course, Terroni is famous for not allowing substitutions - not sure why (hints at pre-prepared food to me) but with an allergy, why would I ever go there?


Yeah mineral is enticing but a few of my friend’s somehow didn’t find much they could eat there due to their own peculiar limitations so haven’t tried them yet.
Otherwise quanta basta is one of my go to. Avant Gout has had good delivery last two orders so will try them in person soon.
Brown bistro went eons ago didn’t enjoy it so never went again. Maybe time for a revisit

Terroni has some white pizzas and white pastas. I avoid most tomato pastas myself despite not having a tomato allergy.
The lemon pasta at Terroni is good.

I like the funghi assoluti salad, with warm mushrooms, arugula and Parmesan. Unfortunately, their salads give me hives, so I haven’t ordered it in several years. I think Terroni either uses a vegetable wash that contains sulphites, or their arugula source sprays the arugula with a preservative.

Out of around 20 pizzas, 4 are white ones and I think you’d like the pear pizza.