Sonoratown - Mid City, LA

Sort of off topic, but anyone make a “wet” bean & cheese burrito?

Try Gilbert’s el Indio

U like gringo.

I’m sure el coyote would do this too prob not as good.

The chivichanga party is a good deal. 2 bean n cheese and 6 other mix n match with a side of both salsas. Add some chips. Everybody is happy.

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Thanks @js76wisco . They also sell a kit with meat salsa tortillas etc too. I think you’re right that the chivichangas are better to go like that tho, and the tacos better to eat freshly made on location. Which chivichangas do you like better beef or chicken?

We like them both. If I had to choose I’d go with the beef and they crisp up nicely on a cast iron skillet the next day.

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Me too. What about these places?
Burritos Las Palmas

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A Flour Tortilla Map of Los Angeles, From Sonoran to Mexicali-Styles - L.A. TACO (

Do you mean La Palma? Didn’t mention it in my comment but we also stopped by there on that trip:

And on the topic of bean and cheese burritos and this style, my favorite fast food place is Jimboy’s. Probably nostalgia if anything but driving through sac, we will stop every few times for a bean and cheese and a chicken taco or two. Funny seeing them just written up recently:


I don’t find their flour toritta’s all that remarkable.

Their beef, however, exp. the birria is another story entirely.

the thought of frank ordering tacos there is pretty outstanding

They used to be solid, but ever since they started expanding too quickly after the son (Scott) took over operations in 2007-08, the franchisees really lost some of the Jim Knudson magic, as evidenced by the closures of many of their OC locations (Brea, Irvine, HB, etc.) in the years leading up to the Pandemic.

It’s too bad, really.

Oh, I didn’t even know they were down in OC. I’ve only had it in the sac metro region. I’m 99% sure they franchise and locations can be quite different — one time I stopped in Fairfield and it didn’t seem like the same restaurant as the ones I’ve been to in sac.