Sonoma County visitors: 101 freeway construction

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Highway 101 alert: Drivers in Sonoma, Marin counties will be diverted as freeway is widened
SFChron, 09June 2023
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Construction to widen Highway 101 for carpool lanes in Marin and Sonoma counties is entering the final phase of a decades-long project, according to officials. The last phase of the construction, according to officials, creates 3.5 miles of carpool lane on the northbound side from North Novato to the Marin and Sonoma county border and 6.3 miles along the southbound side from De Long Avenue to the county line.

As many as two lanes will be closed nightly from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. through the remainder of the week as crews prepare to begin widening the southbound lanes, Caltrans said. Additionally, both the on-ramp and off-ramp for the San Antonio Road exit will be closed during those same times from Thursday until Saturday’s traffic shift.

The shift will divert southbound drivers to the newly constructed middle lanes, Caltrans said. Once the southbound construction is completed then the northbound side will be diverted to the middle lanes in order to finalize the project.

The project is now slated for completion in summer 2025, according to Caltrans.


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