Sonoma County is open for dine in too!

I haven’t been out yet. I’m among the very vulnerable so I’ll wait and see for a few weeks.


Where would you go? Maybe I can check it out for you.

Thanks for the offer, but too soon for me.

If you want a couple of recommendations:
El Molino Central in Boyes Hotsprings and The Spinster Sisters in Santa Rosa.

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I meant I will go and eat, then tell you about it! But to be honest, Sonoma is a little far for me. I will save your recommendations for a special event. We went to a nice little place last summer. I will have to dig up the name.

I also recommend Ramen Gaijin in Sebastopol and Bravas Bar de Tapas in Healdsburg. Those are my top 4 if you’re ever going gastro touring in Sonoma County. Not even talking about the gastronomic temples :slight_smile:


Can’t find the name of the place, not far from the square in Santa Rosa, but this is what we had!

Any guesses? Picture tag says

Must be cafe la haye

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That looks good. I’ll have to try it. It’s actually in the city of Sonoma, not Santa Rosa.

In Sonoma I like Girl and the Fig, and Wine Country chocolates if you have a chocolate tooth.

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Thanks! I guess that was Sonoma Square. Good times.

Yeah, we’re in high risk group as well. Our hands-down fav is Sake 107 in Petaluma. Way better and more consistent than Hana/Rohnert Park.

Sonoma County is our favorite place to visit. I’m glad we got to Napa/Sonoma on an extra-long trip at the end of January. Met our Petaluma friends at Sake 107 and had a magnificent meal.

Soooo anxious to return, but hard to risk it when it’s so daunting to have to travel with gloves, masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, etc., for every place we stop at, including hotels and getting gas!

During that January trip we were gone 7 days and visited three hotels, three gas stations, 14 restaurants and an additional 12 shops. I think we’d need an extra two suitcases just to handle all the extra safety stuff!


I’ll have to try it when I can. I like Hana quite a bit.

I think I’m most worried about running into those people who think opening up means they don’t have to be careful any more.

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Yes, that’s what bothers us as well. Not everyone is accepting “the new normal”, unfortunately.

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Please stay home.

Let the locals enjoy their restaurants, I recently retired to a small community, all of our Covid were from locals visiting other areas.

Please do not travel out of your community, you may bring Covid to my small town.

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I appreciate your concern, and will try to stay away! Do you mind saying which community? Some are really struggling and looking business, so I want to be sure and avoid those that don’t want it.

Every community is struggling. Please let the locals enjoy before “you” bring Covid to my town.

Is there a reason you have to travel to eat?

Coastal Mendocino.

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Okay, thanks. I won’t be getting there.

“Every community is struggling”. Okay.

I don’t HAVE to travel to eat, and have eaten out just once, for my birthday, in the last three months.

I have enjoyed it though, at least in the past, as my community is limited. I used to envy communities that could attract tourists, and say I could only afford to go to communities like those, because I lived in a community like mine. I do what I can to maintain “my own community”, and I will do more of that going forward. Not always easy to know where one ends, and the next begins.

I DO need to travel out of my home to work, and might want to eat, and some travel from their home to see me. Perhaps not the same community, but mostly the same (707) area code. It’s been mostly telehealth these days , but I do need to see some in person. I don’t discourage them, and try to keep us all safe.

I do appreciate your concern, will keep up with recommended precautions, including testing, and will keep my distance.

Continue to protect your health, and perhaps we will never have to meet!

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