Sonoma Cnty: BurtoNZ/Windsor new hours for take-out

Due to the pandemic, BurtoNZ has changed its hours to:
7a to 2p, Monday thru Saturday
Take-out ONLY
NOTE: Bakery is closed for long weekends both Easter and Memorial Day weekends: Sat/Sun/Mon !!

BurtoNZ is our favorite for what my spouse calls “hand pies”. Their chicken pie and the minced beef and cheese pie are our absolute favs.

We unfortunately live in Alameda Cnty so can’t visit now, but when we do travel to Sonoma Cnty we always make sure to place an advance order and pick it up on our way home. We get the baked ones - they freeze beautifully and reheat in the MW in 2-3 minutes.

The pastry is soft and tender, very buttery. It is a different style than the crisp harder dough of most empanadas. There is little gravy, as all of these kinds of hand-held pies are designed to not drip all over your workclothes while eating, LOL.

If you are in the area, please do support them. They are also known for their housemade breads. I’m not sure if they’re still selling fresh eggs from one of the local farms, due to the chaos going on, but you can call them to check.

9076 Brooks Rd South (to the right side of the Safeway)
Windsor, CA 95492
(707) 687-5455


I picked up a beef and mushroom and ground beef and cheese pies last weekend, really good. $9 a pop.

Glad you liked them! We picked up another batch for the freezer during our May 2023 trip. We don’t travel during the summer months so this will have to last us until the fall when we visit again. Spouse loves the chicken and I’m the beef/cheese fan, LOL.

We had not tried any of their baked goods, so we decided to try a couple of their blueberry muffins. They were excellent - full of blueberries and not that fake Sysco Corp. cake batter, but a nice tender housemade dough that wasn’t overly sweet.

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My husband is a fan of their shortbread. We always stop by when we’re in the neighborhood.

Got a beef and cheese and creamy chicken - love their pies! Also an excellent sourdough baguette.


Mushroom and goat cheese - so good, super garlicky mushrooms. This and steak and cheese are my favorites so far.


Hmm :thinking: That Pastry looks raw. Especially on the Sides and Bottom.

No perfect, I think juice sunk in. I froze it, then microwave defrost the toaster oven.