Sono Sushi, Arlington, MA

Wanted to give a shout-out to Sono. We ordered a bunch of rolls from them for our chow pup’s dol (which is Korean for 1st year birthday celebration) last week hosted at home and they really came through for us. Tom, the sushi chef, decided to give it to us in a sushi boat, which made for a dramatic, not to mention fun, presentation. Our guests LOVED it…we worried that we had ordered too many rolls, but there was not a single piece left. Rolls were tightly and neatly constructed and everything tasted fresh.

(We forgot to take a photo before people started digging in!)


Wow- nice! Do you mind telling me how much a spread like this costs? Seems like a very splurge-worthy feast.

I hand-picked every roll…the bill came to $89-ish but after a neighborhood discount and also paying cash, it totaled $80. I gave them $90. Completely fair, in my opinion.

That’s an extremely reasonable price for the number of rolls you received. Thanks for the reco!!

That actually sounds like a bargain. I will keep it in mind- might just bring them your picture and ask them to re-create!

Wow that is so awesome! Happy bday to your chow pup! I bet your child loved the sushi boat too!

I can’t shake the old nomenclature…“chow pup” should be “spring onion” or “cippolini,” two great suggestions from other ex-CHers.


i like that one!

So after hand picking all the rolls, getting a sushi boat for presentation at no extra cost and asking for the discount you saw it fair to tip $1 above the original price?

I didn’t ask for the boat nor for the discount (most Chinese-owned places will give a discount if you pay in cash).

Thanks for making me feel horrible - you really made my day. Thought we were going to be able to leave behind the negativity that was so rampant on that other site.

it’s the internet, so I sure wouldn’t count on that. But I also wouldn’t let that comment make you feel horrible just for the restaurant giving you a break and you giving them a positive spin. It ain’t worth it.

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Don’t let it get to you. I think giving them an extra $10 was very nice of you and I bet they were thrilled. Not one customer in a hundred would do that.

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Not one in 100 would tip the correct amount? Did they give $10 less service? An 8% tip on a discounted bill with extraordinary service (albeit take out) is an insult. I’d rather be negative then cheap. I would have given them at least $20.

@Parsnipity Go to your Zen place. I’ve gone to mine. :relieved:

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Digga, I posted on CH a few months ago about some sushi from Sakanaya in Allston. I gave them a budget of $100. They charged $95. I sent my son in (no parking nearby at the time) with $110, figuring it was takeout so a bit over 10% was appropriate. That’s pretty similar to what you did, and I still feel comfortable with that even after I saw the gorgeous arrangement that they sent out. We weren’t dining in and I didn’t make any expensive demands on them.

I would have linked to my CH post, but couldn’t figure out how to do that without linking to the whole thread. Here’s my pic: