Son is interviewing for a job in Edmonton. What's the food like?

He has been in Turkey for the last 10 months. What should I know…about visiting and the food of course!

Connor McDavid = Generational Talent.

You have to see it to believe it. We have and we’re believers.

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Had to look him up. Glad I did!

Edmonton has a relatively large Ukrainian and Polish communities, so I’d say one food I associate with Edmonton is perogies. Some family restos offer them as an option with breakfast, instead of hash browns or home fries.

A lot of family restaurants are run by Greek Canadians that immigrated between the 1950s and 1980s.

Edmonton is more of an industrial city than Calgary. Portions at most restaurants tend to be hearty. There would be some upscale fine dining restos downtown. The burbs are filled with chains and family restaurants. There are ethnic restos in Edmonton, and Indian food, shawarma, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food won’t be hard to find.

Ginger beef is a Calgary invention, found on Chinese Canadian Chinese restaurants in AB.

Dry ribs are a common appetizer on pub menus. Bite-sized pork ribs in a salt and pepper rub. They’re almost as common as wings on pub menus.

Most of my meals in the Edmonton area end up being at Greek- owned restaurants in the burbs and Chinese restaurants.


Thank you @Phoenikia. Turns out they have shifted their focus to Sacramento. I learned a lot about the area though, so thanks!

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I guess my closest recommendation to Sacramento is the Farm Café outside Lodi, at the Michael David winery! 39 minutes away! I always stop there for breakfast or lunch when I visit a friend in Stockton

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