Something Nice Happened to me in a Diner - Made My Day. How About You?

This is nothing earth shattering. I was in a local diner in NYC with my dad yesterday for lunch. We were having our usuals - dad’s egg on a roll and my salad. The waitress, not a particularly friendly one, brought a hamburger with french fries to the man at the booth next to us. The burger looked awful but the fries looked great. Apparently he had ordered sweet potato fries, so the waitress had to take the fries back, and they had to pass me again, and then brought him a plate of great looking sweet potato fries. She happened to glance over at me, l. likely drooling, (fries are my weakness) and I said something like I was tempted to pick a fry off that plate. Dad and I were getting ready to leave and the next thing I know there is a small plate in front of me with just a couple of fries on it. The waitress had a sense of humor after all and I had my taste of fries - and they were fantastic. Perfectly crispy and perfect amount of salt. I know its not much but it made my day. Anyone else have any restaurant/diner stories that made their day?


Recently I was at the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts, I pulled up to the speaker ordered; “Large Iced French Vanilla Coffee black please” DD: " That will be $3.20 please pull around to the window"

I pull up to the drive thru window with my phone extended out the window to pay with my Dunkin app, the woman smiles and says: “No need for that your order has already been paid for”, puzzled I said; “Oh really?” She responded (smiling); " Yes the car ahead of you did that pay it forward thing, they paid for your coffee, it’s a good karma thing"

Well not to be outdone and never wanting bad karma I said; “Well let’s keep the karma train going, would you please pay for the persons order behind me…” DD employee (smiling again); " Excellent that will be
$ 37.42"…

No joke. :rage:

Sorry, I don’t have a good story of something nice that happened to me, but something nice sure happened for the person behind me. On a positive note, it wiped out the funds on my DD app, but I did get 2 free beverages!!


OMG! That is so funny. What the heck did they order at DD for that much!!

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Apparently I paid for some DD office party. :rage:

Probably a box of Joe plus some goodies, they get $20+ for a box of Joe.


This was a while back, but the memory still makes me smile. I was in a very nice French bakery with mom. She had her eye on the small fruit tarts and I was eyeing the small chocolate cake. The couple ahead of us were picking up a cake, but also other items. Imagine our disappointment when they took the last of the fruit tarts and the little chocolate cake. (I mean really, they had their big cake already).

So we stepped up to the counter and tried to figure out what we’d get instead. The lady behind the counter handed us two boxes–one containing two fruit tarts and one with my little chocolate cake–courtesy of the couple ahead of us.


Not a restaurant, but a bakery in Florence. I woke up early and decided to explore while my companions slept.
I wandered in to a busy bakery and was confronted by a dazzling display of cookies, my sweets weakness. I speak no transactional Italian and had no ideas that the cookies were sold by weight, not individually, so after pointing to about a dozen of the tiny delights I signaled that I was finished. The bakery worker seemed quite confused and handed me the bag, refusing my proffered lire. I protested, but she just smiled and waved me away. Evidently the weight of my purchase was not worth the effort to process. I thanked her profusely and polished off my tiny treasures as I walked back to the hotel (they were delicious)! Made my first trip to Italy even better than it already was.


Loving life!


There was a pizza shop near my old apartment that made the best garlic knots ever, 4 for $1, and i would stop frequently enough the counter guy recognized me. One night i came by late after a long crappy day at work and they were out, but he said there were some in the oven that would be done in 10min. I ran an errand nearby and came back, and tried to give him my dollar which he refused and said they were on the house since i was willing to wait for them.
When i got home inside the bag was $2 worth of still hot fluffy garlicky knots! Totally made my day.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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