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does anyone have any information about the saturday union square farmers market? their page on the union square main street site only says it’s scheduled to run from 16 may to 21 november. but no vendors are listed. and the last posting on their facebook page is from 6 april, looking for a market manager.

i sent an email earlier this week, but haven’t heard back. would appreciate any info.

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I don’t think they know yet, but I have no insider knowledge. It depends on when and how the shutdown ends, for one thing. They are probably trying to figure out if they can open it with preorders and social distancing pick ups like the Somerville winter farmers market at the armory was doing, or some version of what the farmers are doing at Bow Market now, and if the vendors will be able to get there.

You can sign up here for the Union Square newsletter.

i am on the email list. and i’m sure you’re right, but since the 16th is only a couple of weeks away, an update — even to say that they’re still trying to sort things out — would be nice.


The Stangl farmers market is open every Saturday morning 9-3. All of my other markets are closed or open on a very limited scale
The bread guy at Stangl is excellent.

Hahaha - there’s Somerville market here in nj so ignore the above.


update: heard back, and according to the new market manager,

“ we will be reconfiguring so that the Market is in compliance with public health mandates and social distancing policies. In order to properly prepare, we will be opening the Market on May 23, instead of the 16 this year.”


Thanks for the update. Slightly peripherally, this is what the Belmont Farmer’s Market says in an email:

A few of the changes we expect to implement this season are:

Expand footprint of the market to allow social distancing
Encourage preorder and prepay options
Require patrons, vendors, and volunteers to wear masks during the market
Provide hand washing stations, and hand sanitizer
Cancel Storytime, community events, music and performers

originally from bergen country; been in boston for decades, though…

Today I got an email from my Somerville city rep in my district (East Somerville) saying that the City Council had approved the reopenings of both the Davis and Union Square summer farmers markets if both meet the public health mandates. So I’m guessing they were waiting to get that required approval before announcing the opening date.

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In the meantime the Winter Farmers Market continues at The Armory’s outside space this Saturday and the next as well if Union Sq. is not ready. It’s worked out great for me. Both the Market Mgr and Asst Mgr work hard to be sure of social distancing, enter through driveway, pick-up order exit via sidewalk. Shoppers are polite and patient as well. Many vendors this week.


I’ve been continually checking Brookford Farm over the last couple days to do this, and it always just says “check back when ordering is available”. But the Winter Market page just says to click on this vendor. Is it just me? Am I cursed at online ordering? All it says otherwise is to get the order in by 2 PM Friday. Brookford is the primary place I’d be buying things from, but I’m having no luck.

When I clicked, I got a page that asked me to register as a customer:

I did and was then shown a products page.

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yeah, but when you go to the actual individual products pages, everything says “check back when ordering is available”.

or at least they did. now when I go to the products page, nothing is listed at all. Now there’s no products, and it says “Tuesday : Closed: This order period closed Monday, May 04 at 12:00 AM”. I thought looking Tuesday would be fine, since it earlier said you just has to get orders in by Friday at 2.

I give up. Ordering stuff online is the worst. This is why I buy my vegetables at HMart!


You’re right – I see the “Closed” sign now. Earlier I saw a bunch of pictures of produce and got so excited I rushed to report here.

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You just need to select the day you are shopping on the product page after you have created an account as food dabbler says. Then the page will reload and show all products available for purchase

First time through is frustrating, every online order


oh, i am dumb. thank you!!!

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Not dumb. Seriously, every online ordering platform is different. First time through is daunting for everyone except the person who designed it.
We will be using this method for awhile so go easy on yourself.
Brookford is worth it ! Likewise, Foxboro Cheese/Oak Knolle Farm, Stillman’s Quality Meats(extra patience required IMHO), Luluna Kombucha, TexMexEats, Mariposa Bakery and this week Mindful Eating LLC is participating in the SFM. Excellent quality Indian food.


union square market opens this saturday. here’s the link for the details:


Did you scope this out? I didn’t go, and I’m curious what it was like.

i was there when they opened (the first half-hour is reserved for seniors and those who reserved an early time slot) and got in and out pretty quickly. given all that market management is dealing with, things seemed to be going pretty well.

fewer vendors than in the past. here’s a link. scroll down for a list/layout of the vendors.


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