[Somerville MA] Sarma 2022

We stood in line, under the hot sun at 4:50 pm this last Sunday in Somerville so we could snag 2 seats at the bar. We were not alone.
Strategically seated so we could watch the kitchen, we ordered a chilled glass of red wine and a negroni vivaldi while we perused the menu, the staff and the other diners.
The bar and high tops filled up quickly. Some new faces behind the bar since our last dinner, which was at a table in the dining area.
We ordered the Hot Crab Dip, Brussels Sprouts Bravas, Green Pea Tabbouleh and Spicy Feta Toast.
Would do them all again, and we are hoping to reproduce the tabbouleh at home for a summer dish. Feta is not my favorite cheese, but the toast was really good, a nice sour salty spicy balance.
The dining area filled up and they were very busy. Our neighbors at the bar were new to Sarma and really enjoyed themselves.
Dessert was frozen strawberry yogurt with a crunchy corn, sponge bread, black raspberry compote as an accompaniment. The only picture I snagged.
We really enjoyed our dinner, the vibe and fellow diners. Worth standing in the sun.


Nice report! Thrilled that you had the chance to make it back to Sarma.