Someone Stepped on my Croissant!

The above image is of a flattened croissant form Toi Moi bakery, and I hope they used some other method aside from stepping on it.

As a novelty item, this is one heckuva success. It has all the crispiness you could want plus an edge is dipped in a coating with pistachios. There are other flavors as well.

As good as it is, it’s almost a shame because their other croissants, mostly cream filled, are top of the line. Completely sensational. I also got a chocolate croissant and a cruffin (croissant/muffin), both filled with cream.

They sell at the farmers markets at Mosaic and I think Westover and Arlington and I am sure a few others. I got these at their workshop/retail space in Chantilly, so I didn’t have to wait for a weekend.

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No takers for a croissant filled with butter (and adzuki paste)?

Anyway, pistachios work … maybe one day a katmer croissant will become a trend.

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Oh I’d def smash that! :yum:

Did you wait on line? We had a red bean pastry or some such when we first tried them. It was fine, nothing super special. Next time we went to the market, the line was around the corner. And every time since! So haven’t tried anything else. Btw, smashing croissants is not new. Almond croissants are often smashed, even in France.

No way someone actually stepped on your croissant! That Toi Moi bakery definitely has an interesting take on the classic pastry. Flattening it out like that gives it a totally different texture - almost like a buttery, crispy cookie.

I went to their Chantilly workshop located in a business park on a Thursday. No line.

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They might not have stepped on it, but it was a great headline and got all of our attention!
And it sounded like Steve liked the result.
Which is a double plus good result.

I have now had their regular croissant which is world class. But if you want it extra crunchy, the flattened vision is a successful alternative.


Plus pistachios.

I’m intrigued by these. Is there a savory variation that anyone’s seen? Or maybe just flatten, crisp, and eat w/o dipping in sweetness?