Somebody Feed Phil

New season.

Season 3


My entire family gets a big kick out of Phil’s various food antics. In person, he is just as animated.


We watched the first three episodes last night. Just as good as ever.

I tried to add some info about the show using a spoiler alert, but it didn’t work. You’ll see for yourself.

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LOVE this show. Watched 3 random shows yesterday. London was great. I have watched every episode of the other seasons many times each. Phil is just good for the soul.

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As much as I love the show, this season included, I can’t help but think some of the faces he makes seemed forced, and wonder if he’s a bit over it. I was a bit troubled about not seeing his mom, and his explanation as well. But I still watch.

London in particular I will watch a few times, since like he says, I was never really that interested in the food at least, and had similar revelations, and I have reservations there this fall.

What to do?

I’ve spent a lot of time in London and that is a common misperception. English food is no longer boiled meats and marmite. I really look forward to dining there each time I go. I nearly teared up at the Borough Market segment, my favorite place on earth.

Phil announced the death of his mother last October; but I wasn’t sure when he was filming. So far she has appeared in one that I saw. Sad.


Oh no!

Thank you for posting this. I never heard of the series. It looks like fun. I’m going o have to watch which will likely turn into a binge.


As I live close to London and eat there often, I was anxious to see where and what Phil ate on this episode. I must say whoever chose the list did a great job. It’s been terrible since the virus has us isolated not to be able to get to the Borough Market or Dishoom (a place I happened on in the first week they opened - now they have umpteen restaurants). I laughed to myself at how many of the people he was with are Jewish (like me), although that was never mentioned…Jay Rayner, Nigella Lawson, and I presume Lady Windsor is the same. I hope you get here this year.

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Me too, although it’s not looking promising. We have a full day tour of Borough Market planned. Keep me updated about how things look “on the ground”. So often things portrayed as happening in California is a little skewed.

We’ve had one trip cancelled, and I doubt we’ll get to France either - scheduled for September.
Right now there is a 14 day quarantine supposed to start next week or so for anyone entering the UK. I think that will be changed, but who knows. One could gain 20 pounds with an entire day at Borough. BTW - I’m an American and my brother lives in CA. I’ll report any big changes.

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Oy vey iz mer.

I’ve watched this season too much, and now I am re-watching season one. So?

As I think one of my exes used to say, translated; “Stop hocking my cup!” I love the original Yiddish expression. It`s lots of letters.

I hope that was not offensive. I sort of miss New York.

“Now, I don’t know when I’ll get to do it again. We finished filming in January. We got it in just under the wire. So there’s two things: I have no idea when the world will open back up again. None of us do. I would like to think that maybe in a year, we’ll get some semblance of normalcy”.
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The YouTube Channel


The San Francisco episode has Thomas Keller and his “empire”, and they talk about working together on Spanglish. I have not een that movie, and didn’t know it was “about a chef.” I’m going to add it tomy list.

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New season!


I’m watching. I didn’t know Max was no longer with us.

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