Somebody Feed Phil the Book

I’ve enjoyed watching this series by Phil Rosenthal but only just now learned that there was a book connected to it, with recipes. Luckily, my library had it as an ebook and I just started reading it.


I also got the Somebody Feed Phil the Book from the library. It’s based on the series, but has lots of recipes and behind the scenes comments. Each chapter/episode has the transcript of Phil and his parents. It’s a fun read!

I don’t think I have it in me to try making those Thai recipes … bet they’re delicious.

Me either, but I like reading about them! :grinning:

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David Lebovitz just posted one of the recipes from the book.

and excellent brownies they are!

had to make them as soon as i read the recipe.

That’s where I learned of the book … I’ve already finished it.

Have you ever tried Supernatural Brownies? They are my favorite, so far. I think that bakery in Paris didn’t even try the recipe David Lebovitz was nice enough to give them. I like to experiment and am willing to try something new, to see if it’s a better recipe.

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I’ve made Nick’s Supernatural Brownies. I found them underwhelming.

These Ovaltine brownies are my favorite by far.

since i live alone and have no discipline:), i liked that this made a relatively small amount and used both cocoa and bittersweet chocolate. added a bit of espresso powder and shot of vanilla. couldn’t find my loaf pan, so used a 6-round with a detachable bottom and baked @350 for 20 minutes.

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@Aubergine I’ve made dozens of brownie recipes and nothing beats supernatural brownies!

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I snagged my mom a copy for Christmas, and my wife got me a copy, as well. Everything we’ve tried so far has been good, and we’ve all enjoyed the book. My wife got us tickets to see Phil speak in Philly this Fall, and he was as genuine and personable live as he is on camera. We’re thinking of seeing him again in the city this Spring.

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Agree. The group of teenagers for who I made them loved them, but they were far too sweet and not chocolaty enough for me.

My go-to brownie is Robert’s Absolute Best brownies, also discovered via David Lebovitz I adore Keller’s recipe from Ad Hoc At Home as well, but they are more of a project. Robert’s are super easy and hit all the right dark chocolate fudgy notes for me.

This Phil recipe looks similar to Robert’s but with cacao rather than chocolate. Will have to give it a go.