Some new restaurants opening in 2017 (Westchester)

I know there’s not a lot of love for Westchester Magazine on this board, but this isn’t one of their “reviews,” just some info-- a list of new restaurants due to open this year. I doubt it’s exhaustive, as it doesn’t include some others I know about, but definitely some things to look forward to.

I think the Banh Mi place in White Plains was discussed on another thread.

We were talking about Farmer and the Fish on the HVRW thread, and it seems a sister restaurant will be opening in Sleepy Hollow. This will be on my list to try for sure.

Curious also about Factoria in Peekskill. Sounds like that might be a fun addition to the area.

Well, unless they opened today, the banh mi shop isn’t open yet.

Well, already tried the pop-up version of revenge bbq- kreuz sausage only. Extremely ho-hum (will probably do well for awhile). Their smoker is a gas fed behemoth that can ALSO burn wood,for flavoring. However to me,not real “Q”. The sausage was ok,but nothing special. Buns were the (now) ubiquitous Martin potato rolls or italian hero. Sauce was bland (squirt bottles- that need re-thinking- couldn’t get them to squirt) I had them put coleslaw on the sandwich and they charged for a full side order,but then I realized that a regular order (in a cup) would have been larger- some $ adjustment should have been made in my opinion. Will still try them again once more items available,but the dependence on wood/gas combo cooking makes me extremely leery of first rate bbq

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I’m eager to try Juniper, as I have heard great things about its former iteration. The same chef also recently opened Bread and Brine next door: I haven’t had a chance yet to try it, because it’s seafood-heavy and my husband isn’t much of a fish person, but I’ll drag him there eventually (even if he does order the steak!). It seems to be getting good reviews thus far.

I’m looking forward to Farmer and the Fish in SH - DH is obsessed with that part of Westchester (he’s a Washington Irving fan, to say the least), so we find ourselves driving up that way frequently.

BTW, any updates on when Fortina et al will be opening at the Boyce Thompson Institute in Yonkers? I drive by there regularly and haven’t seen many signs of life…

Yes, I’m curious about the Farmer and the Fish in Sleepy Hollow too.

I was wondering why Fortina-- especially because the people at the magazine seem to love Fortina-- wasn’t on the list there but I guess maybe the projected opening date must either be too far off or too fuzzy right now. What is the building they are using-- is it in complete disrepair? What was it formerly?

It was definitely in complete disrepair at one time: Looks like renovations started in 2015, so I have only seen it in a much improved state. Right now the parking areas and outer facade look quite respectable, but I can’t speak to the interior. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like when finished:

Lohud ran this story in June 2016 and I can’t find much in the way of updates since then:

Wow, that guy on the scouting website is hardcore, I can’t believe he went into the abandoned pitch black building!

The building is really cool and I’m glad they’re salvaging what they can of it. The plans look amazing. It does seem like a huge undertaking so I guess Yonkers will be waiting a while for a Luigi Bianco.

Thanks for the intel!


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