Some foods just don't taste the same any more

Have you noticed, or is it me? Some things that I really have loved for ages just don’t taste the same to me anymore. A prime example is Heinz Ketchup. I LOVE ketchup and Heinz was my favorite. Lately, it seems way to acidy. It almost burns my mouth. And Thomas’ English Muffins - nope, don’t like them any more. Anyone else feel like this about any foods?

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Jersey Royal potatoes.

Pretty much any supermarket strawberry.

I no longer like spicy food .

Heinz ketchup has changed their recipe several times. The organic, and the Simply Heinz, are more faithful to the original. Both being made with sugar, not HFCS. Also batch to batch they have much less consistency than in the past.


Supermarket strawberries are blasted with nitrous oxide or something which makes them red. This allows an unripe but very transportable strawberry to look exactly like a red ripe strawberry. Beautiful red on the outside & white on the inside. Zero flavor. They’re a waste of time & money.


Here the supermarket tomatoes aren’t any better.

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I should have added tomatoes, as well.

I suspect both our supermarkets are often stocked from the “plasticultura” farms in southern Spain.

Thanks, JMF. I will pick up a bottle in my food shopping today. It’s worth a shot!

Thomas English muffins have changed hands about five times and gone more and more downhill each new owner. I gave up on them long ago! They’re really skinny and about half the weight too, nothing left to see there.

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I started buying Bays, but they are pricey and have to be refrigerated. I have to be in the mood for an English Muffin these days, I find!


Simply Heinz is very good.

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Just bought a bottle. Got it home and tasted immediately. Tastes great! Tomatoes!


I was excited to find Bays at Stop and Shop, but it’s way too dense to me. My sister often sends me Wolfermanns from the West Coast too and again, it is not light and fluffy the way Thomas used to be. Oh well, I’m avoiding empty carbs anyway :wink:

Try “Vermont bread” brand

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Yes, that’s the problem I find with Bays - way too dense.


Maybe we should consider ourselves “lucky”. In the supermarkets in Asia, they have the hydroponics fruits from the Netherlands, taste more bland than the Spanish stuff and very expensive.

I like the Bays. Way better than the Thomas.

Perhaps so. My brother in law, when he first moved to the UK from Spain, had a job picking tomatoes here in northwest England, in one of those vast greenhouse farms. Utterly tasteless. And so hard you could play hockey with them.

I remember Saltines being crispy and salty. Now they turn to mush as soon as you take a bite. Very pasty texture when you chew. And the salt is no longer those crunchy pieces of nice crystal salt, it’s more like a sprinkle of soft iodized salt.

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