Some food related comedy films?

I’m looking for films similar to Chef (2014 film), The Chef (2012 french film), and No Reservations(2007 film). Anything you would recommend?
Last few months I was watching adventure comedy films. I change the genre every few months. :smile:


Not all comedies: The Lunch Box, Big Night, admittedly a stretch there is lots of food in the Harry Potter movies, Ratatouille, The Ramen Girl, Julie & Julia, Tortilla Soup, Mrs. Doubtfire, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, maybe Godfather, East Side Sushi, Soylent Green, Spanglish - that’s it from my collection.

If you are into binge watching TV, Heartland has a lot of food as subtext.


One of my favorite films - What’s Cooking? (2000)


I 100% agree with @Auspicious on The Lunch Box…it’s a look into another culture that I had been completely unaware of.

Other suggestions, that aren’t all comedies, but are worthy to watch:

Soul Food
The Hundred Foot Journey (Helen Mirren… 'nuf said!)
Mr. Church (Eddie Murphy in a superbly and surprisingly gentle role)
Like Water for Chocolate
Simply Irresistible (cheesy plot, but cute)
Waitress (oh MY, the pies!)


Downloaded The Ramen Girl and Simply Irresistible. :smile:


Chef! A Brit series, rather than a film. Give it a go:


Chicken Run:

Or maybe A Matter of Loaf and Death:


How on earth did I miss this! I love British comedies. Thank you so much for the intel.


The Chef is a brilliant (as the Brits say) show, I love Lenny Henry. Was gobsmacked when an English friend told me he was married to Dawn French, but that was ages ago. Everton is my favorite character in the show.

Ramen Girl is a lame romcom with some silly mystical ramen mumbo jumbo thrown in. If you want to watch a more interesting ramen saga, Ramen Teh/Ramen Shop is quite compelling.

ETA: the grand daddy of all ramen movies would be Tampopo but its not really a comedy the way Americans would expect. It has some very comedic elements but its hard to categorize other than to say its very Japanese. Came out long before the current ramen mania.

One other classic that I just recalled is What’s Up Tiger Lily? Woody Allen mis-directed Japanese spy movie looking to find the recipe for the world’s greatest egg salad.

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One of my favorite characters on Chef! was Lola the expeditor played by Elizabeth Bennett. Too bad she was in so few episodes.

People see things differently. I saw a coming of age story of a young woman who moved beyond identifying herself based on her romantic partner to her own passion, and an intertwined story about the passion of a niche community in cooking “right.” Yes, the girl gets the boy (different boy) in the end; she does so by following her passion.

I’ve probably posted this story before. I met my wife at the Tiki bar of a marina where I lived on my boat. It was a long walk to the laundry over the office so on laundry day in nice weather I’d sit and read at the bar with a glass of wine. My wife sat next to me and we talked. She was still there when I put my wash in the dryer, and still there when I came back again with my laundry folded (underwear on the bottom). We’ve been together ever since. Moral: do what you enjoy and meet people who enjoy similar things. That, in short, is Ramen Girl.

Now if you will all excuse me I’m going upstairs to kiss my wife.

ETA: The book I was reading was “Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew” by Lin Pardey. Lin is now a friend and when she last stayed with us she signed that copy of her book.

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