Solid Sound festival [North Adams MA]

I don’t remember ever seeing anyone posting about music festival food, but here goes…We attended our 5th Solid Sound this past weekend (2nd one for spring onion). We ate almost exclusively at Good To Go and Umami Bites.

Good To Go is from Burlington VT and their specialty is dumplings and man, are they good. No veggie ones so I “broke down” and got chicken with a killer spicy curry sauce. Once the 8 little dumplings were gone, there was jasmine rice at the bottom to soak up the sauce. Second time around, the dude manning the window made his own concoction spooned over the dumplings. I told him that whatever he created, he needed to put that into regular rotation.

Umami Bites does Asian tacos. Once again, I had a weak moment (not really) and got the bulgogi tacos. 2/order and perfectly constructed. A tad sweet but B and I quickly polished off 2 orders.

Slice of cheese pizza from Woodbelly that spring onion couldn’t finish had nice char and chew to the crust.

One lunch at Public in town hit the spot. B devoured his burger though it was cooked past medium. My falafel wrap was awesome - the great puffy pita bread made the sandwich…but so did the tahini sauce and pickled red onions. Really good French fries. Delightful and bone dry sparkling rose quenched my thirst nicely.

Got take-out spaghetti and meatballs from Grazie (next door to the refurbished Mohawk Tavern) one night as spring onion requested meatballs. A very nice waiter took care of our order…and talked to spring onion as he was getting rambunctious. A huge order of pasta and the little boss man loved the meatball. Very good marinara as B and I polished off the leftover spaghetti.

The current exhibits at Mass MoCA are stunning. Thanks as always to Wilco and North Adams.

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Thanks for the review! We’re huge Wilco fans and have seen them at Tanglewood among other venues but never made it to Solid Sound. I also went to college in Williamstown, but before Mass MOCA was open, so don’t really know the food scene in North Adams. One of these years we will definitely make it. Spring onions have been a limiting factor- what do you do with them? Ours really can’t stay up past 8:30 or 9pm without total meltdown- how do you see the main act?

Heard they did Being There in it’s entirety. Pretty awesome!

Followed by Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in its entirety. Crazy!

We knew going in that we would catch a limited number of bands. But our spring onion is a night owl (he’s still partying now at almost 10 pm as I write this) so we kept him out for several songs Friday night for the Wilco set. We didn’t make any of the Saturday set but we’re seeing Wilco at the end of July outside Portland ME. Plus, there are so many great musicians playing all weekend long, kids’ stuff like Story Pirates, all the great art in the galleries, and stuff around downtown North Adams…it’s not just about Wilco. I’ve also seen them perform since the late 90’s so I’m ok with missing out once in a while. Next one is in 2019. See you there!

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I would love it if this board keeps growing. It’s so refreshing to be able to talk in a more holistic, organic way about food/life. I can’t imagine that the Chowhound mods would allow something so “off-topic and non food-related.” In fact, it makes this sharing much more useful and fun.


thanks for your report. We love MassMOCA and have been several times. Our spring onion was adopted from foster care at age 7, and his flexibility for travel is unfortunately very limited some years later. We loved the Williams college museum and the last time, the new addition to the Clark. That was some years ago. Mezze was a favorite, and back then MassMOCA had a Latin American restaurant. Well, he had his first chocolate chip pancakes in North Adams the last time so maybe we can encourage him to want to go back. I’m glad to hear the area is thriving and has more eating opportunities now.