SoHo cafe/restaurant/club in the 1980's?

A recent comic describes the “steam chimneys” in Manhattan.

I seem to recall a cafe/club/restaurant in SoHo, across from one of those chimneys, that was named something like Smokestack. I can’t find references to it, my Manhattan brother doesn’t remember it and neither do the New Yorkers on another conferencing system. The chimneys are supposed to be temporary, and I thought it was strange that this one persisted long enough for someone to name a restaurant after it. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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Any idea where-ish this was? .West Broadway? Spring?

Could it be Tiny’s?

Sorry, I don’t know enough about SoHo to pinpoint the location. And the name had something to do with the steam chimney.

I got nuthin’. But maybe something on this list will remind you:

I spent a fair amount of time in Soho starting in the late 80s. I can’t recall a place with the name Smokestack. It seems unlikely that your theory linking name to the chimney happened. Most know what is billowing out was steam not smoke. For a club with an infrastructure related name I will offer the Tunnel Club. Not Soho though. Anyone else reminded of the movie After Hours? I love that movie.


The closest I came was Franklin Furnace, but obviously no.

I didn’t see anything specific here, but the author of this site lived in Soho for quite some time. Could be a good lead.

Also, reading through back issues of New York Magazine (free on Google Books) could help jog your memory. The CUE section in the back listed a lot of restaurants and bars by neighborhood.

Gaslite Cafe used to be on macdougal near bleeker, it had other locations, i dunno smokestack, gaslite…sounds like before your time…i like your research good luck!