SoHo cafe/restaurant/club in the 1980's?

A recent comic describes the “steam chimneys” in Manhattan.

I seem to recall a cafe/club/restaurant in SoHo, across from one of those chimneys, that was named something like Smokestack. I can’t find references to it, my Manhattan brother doesn’t remember it and neither do the New Yorkers on another conferencing system. The chimneys are supposed to be temporary, and I thought it was strange that this one persisted long enough for someone to name a restaurant after it. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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Any idea where-ish this was? .West Broadway? Spring?

Could it be Tiny’s?

Sorry, I don’t know enough about SoHo to pinpoint the location. And the name had something to do with the steam chimney.

I got nuthin’. But maybe something on this list will remind you:

I spent a fair amount of time in Soho starting in the late 80s. I can’t recall a place with the name Smokestack. It seems unlikely that your theory linking name to the chimney happened. Most know what is billowing out was steam not smoke. For a club with an infrastructure related name I will offer the Tunnel Club. Not Soho though. Anyone else reminded of the movie After Hours? I love that movie.


The closest I came was Franklin Furnace, but obviously no.

I didn’t see anything specific here, but the author of this site lived in Soho for quite some time. Could be a good lead.

Also, reading through back issues of New York Magazine (free on Google Books) could help jog your memory. The CUE section in the back listed a lot of restaurants and bars by neighborhood.

Gaslite Cafe used to be on macdougal near bleeker, it had other locations, i dunno smokestack, gaslite…sounds like before your time…i like your research good luck!

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SmokeStacks Lightning?
It was a restaurant in the 1980s on the corner of Canal and West Broadway
Think it was 285 West Broadway


Yes. The Reggae Lounge was at that address, also.

That’s it! Thanks.

And I just looked at it in Street View, and the steam chimney is back, or it was in 2022 when the photo was taken. It wasn’t there 2009-2022.

Smokestack Lightning. A guy named Austin owned it


Reggae Lounge! My favorite dance place back then! Thank you for the memory…!