Soft Shell Crabs on menus?

Anyone seeing these on Boston area menus yet?

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Moonshine 152 has it as a special on the menu in the moment

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Thanks Honkman!

Not on the menu, but got the update from New Deal this week that these are available.

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Yes, I saw the there last Saturday.

They had them on the menu at Sycamore in Newton Center last evening, and were a special at Lone Star Taco Bar as well.


Great to know! Thanks very much!

Saltie Girl had soft shell crabs two ways today - “Benedict” or with grilled ramps over potato salad. Had the latter and it was awesome.


Wow! Thanks SO much!

Had soft shell crab at Pammy’s (Cambridge, Central Squarish) last night. Very competently done, as one might expect. Cleanly, crisply, greaselessly fried, with sweet meat at the center. Accompanied by an avocado-cucumber salady thing, and a dab of turmeric yogurt-aoli. $19.